Monday, May 17, 2010

Quasi-Irish Accent by Australian Not as Bad as Cockney Accent by American

So the other day, when I said that D.V.D. was not mentioned when Russell Crowe's accent in Robin Hood was said to sound a wee bit Irish... I take it back. Only took a day for someone to jump on it.

The Independent, May 17, 2010, "Don't Mention the Accent" by Philip Hensher

Mr Crowe's attempt on a Northern accent in Robin Hood is not of a Dick van Dyke order of badness, but the Irish undertow is unmistakable. It is curious that he thought himself better placed to judge the accuracy of the impersonation than a native Englishman, but there it is.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I was wondering if I'd ever see this footage!

Time Out mentions MODVDA

This is what happens when you don't moderate your comments on your blog for a year -- you find out you were mentioned in Time Out!

London Through A Moving Lens: bad cockney accents,
Time Out, Jan 8 2009, by Peter Watts

Settle down for some of You Tube's finest inept renditions of the cockney accent, inspired by the Ministry of Dick Van Dyke's Accent, which boldly attempts to catalogue every occasion the media refers to Dick's vocally challenged chimney sweep in 'Mary Poppins'. [This is the sort of thing the internet was invented for - as their manifesto points out, 'As far as inaccuracies go, the film is full of others. Greenwich does not set its time by the cannon fire of Admiral Boom; Nannies can't fly; small children do not compose help wanted advertisements in verse; and (I know this from experience) the wait staff at most English cafes consists of entirely of Polish immigrants, not dancing penguins.']

Russell Crow: 'You've got dead ears if you think that's an Irish accent'

To their credit, they don't mention D.V.D.