Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Encouraging Bands to Talk More Like D.V.D.

From the Guardian. August 10, 2007, "Mockney Reject":

"Where Daniels convinces as the cocksure London geezer, Albarn offers a toe-curlingly hammy performance, somewhere between a schoolboy production of Oliver! and Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins."

...andd July 15, 2007, "Mia, Kala":

"...the Wilcannia Mob, a group of Aboriginal street kids with accents that are rooted closer to Dick Van Dyke's cockney than everyday Australian."

...and April 7th, 2007, "Camden is a victim":

"Taking umbrage with the affected London drawl that defines the scene, the anonymous rapper on the song points out that 'this is a middle-class, art school thing/so put on your common accents and let's all sing', before skipping into the catchy chorus. 'The thing that "inspired" this tune is certain artists, and I'm sure they're being slightly encouraged by their labels to sound more like Dick Van Dyke than they are.'"

I'm sure the speaker meant "than they do."

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