Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Says Here that a Not Bad Irish Accent is Better Than A Bad Cockney

Irish Independent, November 14th, 2007, "From Page to Stage, Same Old Ross" By Aidan Coughlan

But this adjustment to reality is one which he (Rory Nolan) makes quite impressively, as do his family. The accents are the type you'd genuinely hear in Dundrum Town Centre, avoiding those dreadful caricature voices that sound about as genuine as Dick van Dyke's 'cockney' accent in the 'Mary Poppins' movie.

Apparently there are no bad Irish accents in cinema history worth mentioning. Therefore, when writing about someone not screwing up an Irish accent, nothing fits better than comparing it to D.V.D. screwing up a cockney accent.

Time elapsed since premiere of Mary Poppins:

15,782 days.

Time elapsed since someone mentioned D.V.D.'s accent:

16 days

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