Friday, May 23, 2008

An Avalanche of D.V.D. Accent News

Oh dear. I've let these things pile up for a month now. Duty calls; I shall wax roth, and let the Brit press, en masse, feel my wrath! En Garde, you rascals of the fourth estate!

(Ooh, I've come over all swashbuckly!)


The Independent, May 11. 2008, "Noises Off: casting director Nina Gold on English roles going to foreigners"

What defines any actor playing "foreign" is that they must be exceptionally brilliant to pull it off – you don't want to get into Dick Van Dyke territory. The actors have to work harder because to get into the character they have to get into their voice – which means they have to get to grips with the accent and then be able to speak in that accent without thinking about it. If they are hardworking and talented, then good luck to them.

Time elapsed since premiere of Mary Poppins:

15,962 days

Time elapsed since someone mentioned D.V.D.'s accent:

19 days


Next, while this has nothing to do with Dick Van Dyke's accent, how could I resist the possibility of an Indian remake of Mary Poppins?

Sunday, May 11, 2008, "My movie is not a copy" by Prithwish Ganguly

Kunal Kohli claims that his next film is not a remake of a Mary Poppins even though the story sounds similar...

...speculations are rife that by the look of the plot of the film, it seems to be a carbon copy of the 1964 Hollywood film Mary Poppins. However, Kunal, who has previously directed films like Hum Tum and Fanaa is not on the defense.

“I think it is very premature for anyone to say that my film is a copy of Mary Poppins,” he said.

He goes on the front foot and challenges that the movie is entirely different from the Hollywood blockbuster.

“I advice people to see my film first and then draw conclusions. I’m telling you openly that my film is not a remake of Mary Poppins. It is an entirely different movie and has nothing to do with the English film,” Kunal said.

In the Hollywood film, a magic nanny (Mary Poppins) comes into the life of a banker and bails him and his family out of trouble. On the other hand, interestingly, Kunal Kohli’s film has Saif playing a rich man with four orphans and Rani plays an angel who comes in their lives to save the day. Sounds similar doesn’t it?

“Just wait for the film to release. You will understand,” says Kunal.


Burmingham Mail, May 12 2008, "West Ham United 2 Aston Villa 2" by Bill Howell

They travel about as well in the capital as Dick Van Dyke's Cockney accent as chimney sweep Burt in Mary Poppins.

(American translation: Dick Van Dyke's accent is so bad that it merits comparison to a football team scoring poorly during away games.)

Time elapsed since premiere of Mary Poppins:

15,963 days

Time elapsed since someone mentioned D.V.D.'s accent:

1 day


The Observer, May 18 2008, "Who could be Nancy? Missing TV panel member Zoe Tyler has her say here" Interview by Katie Toms

What about the favourite, Jessie?

It's obvious Andrew [Lloyd Webber] likes her, but last week I thought her singing was very weak. They did a section on English accents and she sounded like Dick van Dyke. The only option for her if she wins is to keep her broad Irish accent.

Time elapsed since premiere of Mary Poppins:

15,969 days

Time elapsed since someone mentioned D.V.D.'s accent:

6 days


Tottenham, Wood Green and Edmonton Journal, May 21, 2008, "REVIEW: CASSANDRA'S DREAM"

You wonder whether Farrell and McGregor are having similar thoughts by getting involved with the film - although neither are blameless, sporting the kind of ludicrous cockney accents that would make Dick Van Dyke giggle.

Time elapsed since premiere of Mary Poppins:

15,9672 days

Time elapsed since someone mentioned D.V.D.'s accent:

3 days

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