Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DVD in Reverse!

The cliché has expanded lately -- now Brits compare fellow Brits doing American accents to Dick Van Dyke, an American, trying and failing to do a Cockney accent.

I am an American, and I do a pretty fair impression of a Brit trying and failing to do an American accent -- I wonder what they would make of that?


Den of Geek, January 13, 2009, Demons episode 2 review by Gemma Reilly

There is bad blood between Simeon and Galvin - or ‘the colonial’ as the old zombie calls him, voice dripping with that typical Wilson disdain – and the origins of their mutual dislike will no doubt be revealed in a later episode. For now, Simeon warns Luke that Galvin cannot be trusted.

He’s probably right. That accent was decidedly shifty last week, but now it’s like Dick Van Dyke in reverse. Glenister’s vowels appear to be enjoying a whistlestop tour of the US; one minute he’s having a crack at generic Noo Joizey, the next he’s all ‘hey-howdy-hey, ma’am, looks like y’all could use some help’. It’s distracting and entirely pointless; why does Galvin need to be American in the first place?

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CW said...

Re: Demons

I watched part of the first episode, laughing quite a bit before turning it off. I love Philip Glenister, but that accent was ridiculous. I had the same thought as this reviewer: Why did his character need to be American?

For those wondering: I'm a Californian who enjoys watching British shows via BitTorrent. (Even if all of their American characters pronounce "secretary" with 3 syllables.)