Monday, December 7, 2009

Yeah, Baby! YEAH!

I haven't written a lot about Dick Van Dyke recently, seeing as his longtime girlfriend Michelle Triola died this year, and it didn't feel right. I'm certainly not making fun of him with this blog -- I'm making fun of hack writers who fall back on the cliché of complaining about his bad cockney accent. And lately, he's been dealing with his grief in typical Dick Van Dyke fashion; he's getting out there and doing things, and just generally being the kind of optimistic guy I hope to be when I'm in my mid-80s.

So... after a suitable respectful period, it's time re-open the ministry's doors.

The Telegraph, December , 2009, Yeah, baby, yeah. It's international talk with a fake British accent day by Derek Nisbet

Dick van Dyke and Austin Powers have a lot to answer for. Two New York expats have designated December 17 International talk with a fake British accent day....

Everyone (even the Brits) is invited to adopt a fake accent for the event and may find themselves tested on the day by fiendish tongue twisters. You could mimic other famous "fakers", such as Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins or Austin Powers. “Fakers” will be recorded for posterity and members will get a chance to listen, vote, comment and discuss their efforts online.

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