Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things can go a bit Dick Van Dyke.

Digital Spy, June 1, 2010, "Zöe Lucker (Vanessa Gold, 'EastEnders')" by Kris Green.

Being from the North, are you having to put on a cockney accent?

"I'm not actually using a Southern accent - I'm using my own voice, which I'm grateful for. When they called about the part, I spoke to Dom [Treadwell-Collins] about the character and what they wanted from her but after I put the phone down, I thought, 'Oh wait, do they want me to put on an Essex accent?' because they told me that Vanessa lives in Chigwell. I think if you're doing one-off dramas, you can go and play a character with an accent, but when you're surrounded by people who use their own accents, I think it would have felt really unnatural for me to be putting it on. It could have all gone a bit Dick Van Dyke!"

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