Monday, June 23, 2008

Brits Continue Mentioning Dick Van Dyke's Accent Even Though I Haven't Posted In Weeks.

TimesOnline, June 7, 2008, "Podcast of the week: the satirical charms of The Bugle" by Chris Campling

My favourite segment, though, is the one in which Oliver actually pretends to be an American, in an accent so awful that it’s a mirror image of Dick Van Dyke’s “Cockney” in Mary Poppins. Stung by the criticism, Oliver establishes his bona fides: “Waddaya mean?” he says in his normal voice. “I left my apartment, and went down to my automobile, which was parked by the sidewalk. I opened the trunk, and found it full of potato chips.” It’s uncannily authentic.

Those Brits, as you know, are expert judges of American accents.

(By the way, in the mirror image universe, Dick Van Dyke's Cockney accent is really good. Also, Spock has a goatee.)

Den of Geek, May 6, 2008, "Luv-A-Duck! Guy Ritchie gets his mockney claws into Sherlock Holmes" by John Moore

I will, of course, be having nightmares for the next year or so about the complete mess this movie could be, I refuse to forget the car-crash that was The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Meanwhile, Hollywood extras are no-doubt polishing up their best Eliza Doolittle impressions for their turns of the streets of London as we speak. Expect Dick Van Dyke-ness and Vinnie Jones, somewhere. It's bound to happen.

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