Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some Catching-Up to Do...

PC Preview, June 28, 2008, review of "Crysis: Warhead" videogame by Will Porter

While we're at it, those who wondered if Psycho's accent was a product of the Dick Van Dyke school of pavement art jabbering can rest easy that his voice actor actually is British too - so British in fact that IMDb informs he's been in Emmerdale, Peak Practice and Grange Hill.

The Star, Jul 19, 2008, "Putting the junk back in junket" by Bill Brioux

This dialect coach has perfected accents for everybody from Al Pacino in Scarface to Academy Award winner Forrest Whitaker for The Last King of Scotland. Too bad he didn't coach Cockney-challenged Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. "I had absolutely nothing to do with that," he declares.

The Guardian, July 20, 2008, "The Open, final round - as it happened" by Barry Glendenning

Has any thespian ever made a more ham-fisted attempt to do an English accent than his abysmal effort as Daphne's brother in Frasier? He made Dick van Dyke sound like Harry Redknapp.

BBC web page, July 21, 2008, "How not to do an American accent" by

The three words haunting the performer, driving hour after hour of dialect practice, are "Dick", "Van" and "Dyke".

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, it was not.


CAPTION: The American's "strike a light, guv'nor" Cockney caricature in Mary Poppins is widely regarded as delivering the worst film accent of all time.


Not only is my performance dreadful, there is clearly much too much of it; my overacting makes Dick Van Dyke's infamous turn look like a masterclass of subtlety and technique.

That's a lot of mentions of D.V.D. in one article, isn't it?

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